WildStang is a team that embodies collaboration. We wear tie-dye to show that we are a combination of  all six schools of High School District 214. Charlie also embodies that. He truly has the spirit of Tie-Dye.  When Charlie is with WildStang, he is always surrounded by students. He creates an atmosphere of  cooperation with students and mentors alike. His smile and attitude are infectious, and there’s always  laughter when Charlie is nearby. 

Describing Charlie creates quite a predicament as not only is he all kinds of good but also does all kinds  of good. He’s always there for us, willing to lend an ear and regardless of the circumstances, and he is  always willing to help us through any struggle. He is extremely funny and as a result, creates a welcoming  atmosphere for all team members. 

As a WildStang mentor, Charlie works with both the mechanical and the strategy subteam. In mechanical,  he has dedicated a lot of his time to helping first year students learn our CAD package. On strategy,  Charlie comes up with new ways to get more kids involved in the strategy sub-team, by developing data  applications, training new scouts, and guiding strategic conversations. He is incredibly smart, but not  pretentious. He recognizes the intelligence of the students around him even when they lack training in a  subject. Rather than taking over and giving answers, he works with us to problem solve and help us learn.  He strives to teach students the right way over the easy way, because he doesn’t want to cheat students  out of understanding why and how these methods work. 

He is always willing to help a student regardless of the topic or its pertinence to robotics. This stems from  his high school years. He loved to teach others, so he joined the tutoring program for a nearby middle  school. He had the most hours of any volunteer in the program, and in fact, missed receiving his award  for this because he was busy tutoring. When we asked students to comment on Charlie, the most  common response was about how helpful he is. One student said, “He gives the best tips and tricks with  everything, and makes me feel included on the team.” Ultimately, Charlie loves what he does, and is not  afraid to show it. 

Charlie is very level-headed. He plans ahead in many things, but also understands that FRC is a volatile  environment and is ready for when something inevitably goes awry. He is assertive and knows how to  stay calm through any situation. He guides students through challenges without being overbearing. He  gets on the same wavelength as students and trains us to be ready for what is to come at competition. 

He loves working on the bot, thinking strategy, teaching people, cracking jokes, and being in the FIRST  environment as a whole. He gets on the level of any student to teach them at their level. Without Charlie,  this team would be a completely different place. He brings a lot to the team, in more ways than one.